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So, what is Becoming Captain anyway? (English version)

Greeting folks!

First, we want to thank the community for the love you folks are giving to our team until now. It has been a really good experience!

So, let's dive right into what is Becoming Captain!

The Story

Mankind reached for the stars, but we did not leave behind everything that made us human. Colonizing space was quite the endeavor, but maintaining its stability would have been a miracle. This is why, after the initial rush of space exploration and adventure, political dissent and localized unrest destabilized the United Planet Alliance and brought forth its downfall.

Hundreds of years later, the reign of the Terran Empire began with a rapid invasion of the before so-called ''Freeworlds''. The war would be quick, but the dust would not settle for quite a number of years.

Your adventure begins many years later, the last rebellion has been crushed and the empire now reign with a golden fist on the human worlds. You play as a newly appointed captain, loyal to the empire. You just got out of the imperial academy and feel the urge to show your worth.

When asked by the admiral to volunteer on the hunt of an infamous pirate ship called the Calamity, you cannot stop yourself from jumping on the opportunity. This was your first mistake...

The Gameplay

Becoming Captain is a narrative RPG at heart and, also, a combat card game. The main idea is to mix the two genres in order to make an RPG with combat mechanics that are classical yet innovative. How is it innovative you may ask? Have we not seen 12 billion card game?

Good question! Well, first it is put forth as a duel between two fighters and not two summoners. Therefore, every card you got up your sleeves are items, not monsters or spells. They are... what you got! Also, we bring forth a mechanics called the Central Deck. This deck is where the magic happen. Both fighters are having their feud in a room... and this room is filled with objects! Sooo... the Central Deck makes you fight like Jackie Chan, taking every item you can find in the room and killing your foe with it. So, you will be able to crush your enemy with a vase or annoy them with a spoon (well... now I have to put a spoon into the game...)

The narrative aspect of the game is quite simple, but it is what gives the most flexibility to it. It is a narrative RPG, a book with multiples ends. A story that unfolds itself with your choices.

What else?

Well, now you wish to know more I bet? There is one way to do so and it is to follow these links and keep in touch on Twitter & Facebook!

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