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But what is happening?

We got lost and it is time to start anew.

Becoming Captain, our video game, is in the work since 2019 with mostly nothing to show for it except... more than a few artworks and hundreds of code blocks. But WHERE IS THAT GAME?

"What have you done?"

We began working on BC in 2019, but at the time... we had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into. A little of coding experience from our programmer, lot's of willpower, artistic friends and a bit more than 4000$ collected from both ourselves and those who believed in us. That was everything we had.

At first, we moved relatively quickly. Then the path got muddied by difficulties coming from our lack of coding experience, our lack of business experience and a game that was slightly harder to do than we gave it credit for.

Since then, 4 years have passed and our progress was lacking to say the least.

And then... our project file broke beyond repair.

"So what? Are you giving up?"

Not a chance in hell! We have grown a lot in these last four years. We now know what we are doing and are at last getting good at it. But we have to change things up. Here is what we implemented.

  • The game (Becoming Captain) will be segmented in two distinct launches.

    • First, Calamity's Tournament, a Card Game to introduce both the universe and the combat system.

    • Then, the full version of Becoming Captain. RPG & CardGame.

  • A complete overall of the code & our workflow.

  • Daily progress posts on Twitter.

"What is left to do?"

Current progress is steadfast and very satisfying to witness. At the current rate, the first V2 demo will be ready before the end of August. Every artwork being ready for Calamity's Tournament, we think the game should be completed before 2024.

This is our current goal.

"How can I help?"

Honestly, we currently are running the project with very limited funds. And every little bit helps, this is why we must put forward our Patreon since it is still the best way to support us in our journey.

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